Uppa Baby Vista V2 Review

uppa baby vista v2 vs. uppa baby cruise v2

The Uppa Baby Vista V2 Review is based on my 10 month experience using this stroller for my little girl.

I will note that I am qualified to review this stroller because this is in fact my second stroller purchase after my experience with a horrible stroller.

Let me tell you a story about how I went about getting my Uppa Baby Vista V2 and then I’ll review it in the sections below.

As a new mom, you go through a lot of ratings and reviews about strollers and the costs can be overwhelming. My husband and I usually splurge for the most expensive items in situations like these.

Basically, you buy something really good and it will last you. We liked the idea of a modular stroller so we don’t have to buy two strollers for when our hopefully second child arrives.

Even though I had my heart set on the Uppa Baby Vista V2, my husband thought it would be too expensive and that we could find a comparable stroller and travel system for less money but equally good value.

I was convinced that there was so much selection we could find such another double stroller that didn’t cost as much as the Vista V2.

We were completely wrong about getting the cheaper modular stroller and here’s why we should have opted for the Uppa Baby Vista V2 right away.

Why You Should ALWAYS Go For a More Expensive Stroller

Originally, we opted for the EvenFlo Gold SensorSafe Pivot Expand Travel System from Babies ‘R Us. This received almost 5 star reviews on the Babies R Us website as well as EvenFlo’s website. The total cost of the EvenFlo Gold Pivot Expand was $899 which included the stroller base, seat and car seat with an additional toddler seat.

When we asked our friends if they have heard of the EvenFlo Gold line nobody had. This should have been a red flag because nobody in our stage of life was using this brand.

There is something to be said about being a parent and sharing brands that you know and trust.

Also, since the EvenFlo Pivot Expand was a modular or double stroller, we found it to be very similar to the Uppa Baby Vista V2 or so it was made to seem. We thought we were getting a “deal” and didn’t have to splurge on an expensive stroller but we were about to find out why we should have.

As soon as we received the Pivot Expand Travel System by EvenFlo, we noticed that it was REALLY hard to set up and put together. The car seat was especially hard to navigate and even pulling the SensorSafe seat belt with a teddy bear (before baby was born), led to my husband sitting on the floor and pulling extremely hard and barely able to make a dent in adjusting the seat.

I was nervous because if he couldn’t tighten the seatbelt to the normal levels, how would I be able to, especially postpartum after having a c-section?

Additionally, it took him about 2 hours to set up the car seat in his car and we weren’t even sure if it was safe because the indicators weren’t lining up.

We also practiced changing up the bucket car seat with the stroller seat to see if we could do it easily. It took almost 10 tries to get a perfect latch. Nothing fit, nothing clicked and it all felt really cheap.

Here’s where the story gets interesting…bringing the baby home from the hospital.

With the car seat installed the best way we could, and dealing with COVID-19 throughout being pregnant and delivering the baby, I was wheeled out to the front door of the hospital with baby in arms.

My husband and I couldn’t put the baby into the car seat in the hospital itself it had to be done in the car and it was 100 degrees that day!

We could barely get her positioned into the car seat and it was the scariest drive home you ever could have imagined because she wasn’t fastened in properly due to the fact that we couldn’t tighten the EvenFlo Gold Seat properly.

After this experience, we decided that the headache of the cheaper stroller travel system under EvenFlo wasn’t worth it and that we would splurge on the Uppa Baby Vista V2 because it is a top of the line stroller.

Thankfully, our good friends at Babies ‘R Us understood that we felt the travel system wasn’t safe and offered a full refund.

We went the next day to West Coast Kids and bought the entire Uppa Baby Vista V2 line with the Mesa car seat because the Uppa Baby doesn’t come with one.

Keep reading below to find out my in depth experience with the Uppa Baby Vista V2.

Why the Uppa Baby Vista V2 is the Best On the Market: Compatibility and Functionality

Adaptability With Everything Uppa baby

One of the best things about the Uppa Baby Vista V2 is that everything under the Uppa Baby label fits and clicks in SO easily. The Uppa Baby Vista V2 comes with a bassinet for newborns to about 3 months old and a toddler seat. We ended up buying the secondary rumble seat or “second toddler seat” for good measure so that it wasn’t something we had to think about for baby number two OR three. Yes, the UppaBaby Vista can even hold three children.

TIP: If you buy the additional toddler or rumble seat, make sure you get the adapters which elevate the seats so that it turns into a double stroller.

Of course, just like the original Uppa Baby Vista, this modular stroller can maneuver to fit over 30 different settings. For example, when you put in the toddler seat you can put the bassinet on the bottom for the second child. You can set the toddler seat to be reclined for when your newborn is transitioning to a bigger seat but isn’t quite sitting upright.

The Uppa Baby Vista V2 doesn’t come with a car seat so we had to invest in the Mesa (click for review) but that was one of our other amazing purchases. The Mesa car seat clicks into the frame of the Vista so easily that I’ve never had a problem waking my newborn.

One of the other amazing features of the Uppa Baby Vista V2 is the big under carriage that holds so much storage. I always travel with my diaper bag even if I’m out for a walk.

Uppa Baby Vista V2 Frame

The Uppa Baby Vista V2 Frame is made with a mix of aluminum and magnesium for the lightest yet durable frame yet. The frame is still a bit heavy at almost 27 pounds with the frame and toddler seat (bassinet is 8.8 lbs).

However, it is easily collapsible and stands up by itself with one hand.

As a mom, it is a bit tricky to adjust to putting the frame into the trunk especially after having a c-section but it is completely doable and folding it up is easy.

It also has an adjustable handle so that you can adjust pushing it to the your correct height.

Uppa Baby Vista V2 versus the Original Vista (V1)

Although the UPPABaby Vista V1 and V2 are designed beautifully, the colours and sleekness on the V2 are more polished. The V2 comes in 4 new colours:

  • Alice – Dusty Pink
  • Finn – Deep Sea
  • Hazel – Olive Green
  • Sierra – Dune Knit

We opted to get the Finn colour which wasn’t a colour I would originally choose except the others were sold out. I am actually SO happy I chose to go with Finn because it is more of an unusual colour and I haven’t seen many around.

When talking about performance of the V2 vs. The V1 UPPABaby Vista, the main difference is the suspension. There is a smoother ride on the V2 versus the original Vista Stroller due to the improved shock absorption of the front and rear suspension.

You can also have THREE children in the V2 and using the adaptors fit a bassinet and two toddler seats if you need to!

The full toddler seat was redesigned to have a higher back and deeper foot rest to make life more comfortable for your little babe!

Overall, if you find a V1 Vista on Facebook Marketplace they are still GREAT! These Vistas last so long that you don’t need to be worried if you select an older model.

Keep in mind that if you are a new parent and plan on having multiple kids it may be a good idea to invest in the V2 knowing that all of the seats and parts are going to be new and in stock. You’ll have it forever!

The Difference Between the UPPABaby Vista V2 and the Cruz V2

The Difference Between UPPABaby Vista V2 and the Cruz V2 is simply the size. I find that when I was doing my research for the Vista stroller, I needed a more substantial system to get me through the winters. The wheels on the Cruz are very small and make it harder to handle through large mounds of snow. I also found that the since the Vista V2 came with a bassinet, that would be beneficial for my walks with a newborn.

The Cruz does have an adapter that allows you to turn the stroller into a bassinet so there is that option. But when my baby was about 2 months I used the bassinet from the Vista for her to take a nap in in the morning.

It comes down to personal preference and the space you have in your home. I live in a condo and the Vista is big but I feel like a stroller would still take up the same amount of space.

I hope you enjoyed this review of the Uppa Baby Vista V2 stroller.

Let me know in the comments if you have tried the Uppa Baby Vista V2 Stroller.

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